Tuesday, May 10

Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Renée Perle, 1930

Simone Roussel on the Beach at Villerville, 1906

Bibi a l’hotel des Alpes, 1930

Bibi Arranging Flowers In Nice, 1920

Bibi at the Château de la Garoupe, 1920

Solange David, 1929

Lartigue is well-known for capturing the dreamy essence of the early 1900s before WWII. I'm most fond of Lartigue's photographs of his wife, Bibi. I think that his love and fascination with her translates through the hundreds of photographs that he took of her throughout their twelve-year marriage. He also has many photographs of his model girlfriend Renée Perle which I also like.

I found a video of an episode on Jacques-Henri Lartigue from 1983 of a BBC series called Master Photographers.

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