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For Prayer

An amazing song by Wye Oak. I love this band to death!!!

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Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

One of my absolute favorite Radiohead songs.

Ode ut Lilith

Paulina Surys


Lukasz Wierzbowski

Monday, November 28

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Back Bones

This is a sculpture by Robert Michael Smith that I found. It looks like vertebrae and shark teeth to me, but it's in a beautiful floral-like formation. I love it.

Thursday, November 3

Monday, October 24

Lady with an Ermine

Leonardo da Vinci, 1490

Rich Kelly

Rich Kelly's posters are so awesome! I'm infatuated with his illustrative style. I love his color palette, the elongated limbs and the little hand-drawn detailing. To see more of his work, here are his two websites...

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Brian Viveros

I've known of Brian Viveros's work for awhile now, but his drawings I have just come across. I like his paintings, but these drawings are awesome! I am trying to find more and if I do I will post them.


Kind of a goofy video, but I really like this song and this band.

Friday, September 2

Antony Crook

A church in Goa, India

Bolton, England

Independence Pass, Colorado

I was mesmerized by the photograph of the church in India. I really like Antony Crooks stark photographic style. He captures natural beauty so well.

Wednesday, August 31

Wearable Foods

I thought these were beautiful and awesome. Sung Yeonju, a Korean artist created a series of dresses out of foods and took photographs of them. These three were the ones I liked the most, made out of banana, lotus root, and eggplant. How creative!

Monday, August 29

The Iconic Frida Kahlo

Guillermo Davila

Nickolas Muray

I fround these two photographs of Frida Kahlo and thought they were inspiring. She has become such an icon. I admire her uniqueness and character. She would have been an interesting person to meet.

Tuesday, August 23


Off of Washed Out's new album, Within or Without. I am in love with this song.

I Ate My Heart

Jessica Stewart

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Frank Cowper

Vanity, 1907

La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 1926

Fair Rosamund and Eleanor, 1920

The Four Queens Find Lancelot Sleeping, 1954

Frank Cowper was a British artist during the early 1900s. He came to be known as "the Last Pre-Raphaelite" because his depictions of religious, historical, and literary scenes echo the style of early Christian art, before the artist Raphael. I admire his meticulous hand. He certainly knew how to make magic with paint.

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Tuesday, July 26

Marcus Ohlsson

I'm a total sap for black & white fashion photography. These are gorgeous.

The Day After

Edvard Munch, 1894

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Aaron Feaver


Aubrey Beardsley is one of my all-time favorite artists. I admire his attention to detail, and his love for simplicity. His work isn't overcomplicated with color. Its strength is in the delicate style and heavy contrast. Although Beardsley died young, at the age of 25, he created a significant amount of illustrations, and is a total legend of the artistic world today. He continues to inspire all avenues of art, and like this will live on forever through present and future artists' work.