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Sunday, November 22

Clemens Habicht

Don't Look Now


Money Trap


Habicht is an illustrator, graphic designer, and film director from Sydney, currently living in Paris. His chosen mediums are cut paper, ink, and gouache.


Monday, November 9

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Carlito Schilirò

Tuesday, September 15

Saturday, September 12

Kime Buzzelli

I discovered an article about Buzzelli and her paintings in an old issue of Nylon I had lying around. In the article, they ask her a few questions, and I liked her response to this one:

Q: "What was the first thing you ever painted?"
A: "I remember painting lots of paperdolls. As far as a real painting, I used to try to duplicate Picasso women and Odilon Redon flower vases at eight years old."


Friday, September 4

Tuesday, August 25


Shelby DiMarco

Monday, August 24

Armchair Apocrypha

Really like this album. It has a nice flow.

Wednesday, August 19

Sunday, August 16


Frida Kahlo — Self-portrait with Cropped Hair, 1940.

The top lyric translates: "Look if I loved you, it was for your hair. Now that you are bald, I don't love you anymore." She painted this after divorcing from her husband, the Mexican muralist, Rivera.

Sunday, August 9

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

At the Moulin Rouge, 1892

Salon at the Rue des Moulins, 1894

The Clownesse Cha-U-Kao at Moulin Rouge, 1895

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is my new favorite. I saw a bunch of his paintings today at the Art Institute of Chicago's art museum. He was from France, talented in not only painting, but also print-making and illustration. His paintings draw you back into another lifetime, one that seems so classy and almost magical.

Wednesday, August 5

Bill Brandt

London Child, 1955

René Magritte, 1963

Oakworth, Yorkshire, 1945


Top Whitens, 1944



Monday, August 3


Julie Simon

Hello August.
Summer is slipping away so quick.

Saturday, July 11

Friday, July 10

Giovanni Boldini

Spanish Dancer at the Moulin Rouge

Woman at a Piano

The Model and the Mannequin

A Lady With a Cat

Reclining Nude III

Giovanni Boldini was an Italian portrait painter, known as the "master of swish". When you look at his paintings, you can see his hand translating his own reality through brush stokes and details.


Tuesday, July 7


Georgia O'Keeffe — Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue 1931

I remember a framed print of this used to hang in my basement at one time. I've always liked it. Happy belated 4th of July!

Saturday, June 27

Henri Cartier-Bresson

On the Banks of the Marne, 1938

Untitled, 1958

Henri Matisse, 1944

Henri Cartier-Bresson was a french photographer, who is considered to be the first to use a photojournalistic style. He managed to capture great feeling and life in his photographs.

Sunday, June 21

Paul Ickovic

Untitled (Women in Shadow), 1990

Prague Czechoslovakia, 1981

Untitled (Two Chambermaids), 1990

Paris (Robert Delpire), 1990


Tuesday, June 9

Monday, June 8

Duane Michals

His work is extraordinary! Marries writing and photography in many of his pieces.

Monday, June 1

The Mountain

This is an awesome album. I'm in love with Erika Wennerstrom's voice. It's so different, yet so lovely. "Be So Happy", "Out At Sea", and "The Mountain" are just a few good songs, but really the whole album is great.