Monday, April 27

Happy Pinhole Photography Day

Chawee Busayarat

April 26th is a day dedicated to the recognition and appreciation of pinhole cameras and the interesting photographs that they create. Who knew?

Sunday, April 26

Hello, Leo

Andy Warhol — Leo Castelli, 1975

Leo Castelli was a gallery owner and art dealer during the 50s and 60s. His galleries supported pop artists, surrealists, abstract expressionists, anything contemporary and cutting edge. He was the first to sell Andy's famous soup can paintings.

Tuesday, April 21

Sunday, April 19

Cy Twombly

Wilder Shores of Love — oil, crayon, and pencil on plywood, 1985

Summer Madness — oil, gouache, pencil, and crayon on paper, 1990

Free Wheeler — house paint, crayon, pencil, and pastel on canvas, 1955

Cy Twombly was an American artist, born in 1928. His earlier works, consisting of pencil scribblings, from the 1950s fall under Abstract Expressionism. Above, I'm showing two of his works from his later Postmodern phase. I just can't get into the scribblings, they don't really make sense to me. I do like that he experiments with so many different mediums. It livens things up.

Saturday, April 18

Van Gogh

Vase with Irises, 1890

Mountainous Landscape Behind Saint Paul Hospital, 1889

Vase with Oleanders and Books, 1888

Crab on Its Back, 1889

Irises, 1889

Vincent van Gogh, a very troubled artist born in Holland in 1853, who later moved to Paris in 1886. The work I've shown above is with out a doubt his Impressionist paintings, with waves of color and life. He loved to paint flowers, mostly still lifes of flowers in vases.

Sunday, April 12

The Lovers

Pablo Picasso, 1923

This specific painting falls under Picasso's NeoClassical period during WWI and WWII. "It is believed that he did this as a reaction to society's disillusionment and shock from the horrors of the war. Perhaps, in its own way, it was a way of returning his own psyche to a state of order and peace (" I really like this one. It's so colorful. Picasso is such a fascinating artist to research with all of his different periods of work.

Saturday, April 11

Adam en Eva

An etching by Rembrandt van Rijn of Adam and Eve (or Adam en Eva), 1638.

It is so funny how Rembrandt portrays the sinful pair as old and unattractive, almost troll-like. You can see a dragon (snake) weaving itself up a tree on the right. And if you look closely you can see an elephant faintly etched into the bottom right corner. Apparently the elephant's name is Hansken, an elephant that was shown all across Europe in the 17th century. Rembrandt, I suppose, had some kind of fascination with this specific elephant or maybe just the animal itself.

Wednesday, April 8

Blue (Moby Dick)

Jackson Pollock — gouache and ink on composition board, c. 1943

Sunday, April 5

Saturday, April 4

Georgia O'Keeffe

Evening Star VII, 1917

Blue and Green Music, 1921

Mule's Skull with Pink Poinsettias, 1936

Music - Pink and Blue II, 1919

Canna Leaves, 1925

Pink and Blue Mountain, 1917

Ram's Head, White Hollyhock and Little Hills, 1935

O'Keeffe was born in Wisconsin in 1887. She later settled in New Mexico. It has been said that her influential work brought American art to Europe at a time when the opposite was more common.

Wednesday, April 1

Warhol Logic

Andy Warhol — acrylic & silkscreen ink on linen, 1985