Friday, February 26

Richard Avedon

Dovima with Elephants, 1955

Elizabeth Taylor, 1964

Bob Dylan (in Central Park, New York), 1965

Richard Avedon with Twiggy, 1967

Bringing the '60s back to life!

Tuesday, February 23

Wednesday, February 17

Maternal Caress

Mary Cassatt, c. 1891

I can't help but love this. It shows some Japanese art influence, and the discord between the pail patterns is something that I like the most about this piece.

Friday, February 5

Pol Bassal Esteve

Pol Bassal Esteve is a photographer from Barcelona. I have been a fan of his work for awhile now, and have posted some of his photographs in the past. For some reason I am drawn specifically to his black and white photographs. I think they are wonderful, especially the last one shown above. There are no words to describe how amazing it is. Absolute magic!