Friday, March 26

Sunday, March 21

Charmaine Olivia



Flowery Skulls

Floral Birds

Catch Release

I've become obsessed with her work. I love her drawings especially.

Thursday, March 18

Sunday, March 14

Le Repas Frugal

Pablo Picasso, 1904

The million-dollar etching. Can you imagine how long this must have taken? I really like it, the lanky figures with their boney fingers and their pointed features. It's very expressive.

Saturday, March 13

Michela Martello

"Through painting I see my self developing and transforming:
The process of life!
I want my images to venture beyond our eyes,
to feel the spirit.
The process of art."

Love, 2008

I went to some galleries in Manhattan the other night, and was intrigued by Martello's paintings. It looks like she is profoundly inspired by different kinds of religious art. It's entertaining to see how she incorporates the symbolism and makes it her own.

Saturday, March 6

Design Duo

Last night I went to an AIGA lecture at Philadelphia University. The design duo, Dress Code, talked about their experiences in the field, working for various big name companies like MTV and Comcast. It was very interesting to get an inside look at what this line of work is like. Check out their website!