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Dancing Around the Bride

Marcel Duchamp — Nude Descending a Staircase (No. 3), 1912

The other day I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Dancing Around the Bride show. There was a lot to take in from the exhibition. Two versions of Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase were at the show, which is a painting that I really like. It is thought-provoking with so much movement. Not much of what was displayed at the show can be found online other then this famous painting. John Jones did a series of ink on plastic pieces that were there that I wish I could find. But anyway, over all, it's an interesting show worth checking out.

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Tran Nguyen

If the World Keeps Churning, Turning, 2010

What the World Doesn't Know, 2010

For the Lost and Unfound, 2009

Yoke, 2008

I am in awe of her ability to capture such detail and clarity. It's incredible!

Wednesday, December 5


Se├▒or Salme  |

Monday, December 3


The Raveonettes

Tuesday, November 27

Navajo Woman and Infant

Ansel Adams — Canyon de Chelle, Arizona, 1933

Sunday, November 25


Alison Scarpulla

Edison's Light

Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison, 1968

Saturday, November 3

I'm Gone

The first track off of Tamaryn's new album Tender New Signs.

Sunday, October 14

Janet Jones

Janet Jones and her lovely collages. I liked her "Notations" series a lot. They're beautifully simplistic. Love the mixture of materials and mediums, as well as the minimal use of color.

Wednesday, September 26


Invisible Days / Beloved Rogue

Sunday, September 16

Gehard Demetz

My Headphones Save My Life, 2006

Married to Myself, 2007

Your Monsters Are Just Like Mine, 2006

Demetz is an Italian artist who has become well-recognized for his wooden sculptures of children. His overall technique is incredible. The contrast between the rough textures to the softer surfaces along with the gaps and pieces fitting together creates a lot of discord and interest.

An interview with Dazed Digital reveals the artist's point of view:
"My sculptures transmit the awareness of becoming adults and thus losing, as Rudolf Steiner says, their ability to be able to “hear” their unconscious. They live with the burden of guilt transmitted from generation to generation, which does not belong to them. They are children who feel sad about not being able to really be children, but who have, on the other hand, the possibility of choosing to become adults, totally independently, thus freeing themselves little by little of all the influences transmitted by their ancestors. They are witness to all the effort involved in the process of growth and development, which is achieved through individual will and concentration."

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Janine Antoni, 2000

A few weeks ago I went to visit the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, and checked out the museum while I was there. This piece caught my attention. It is a silver casting of family silverware, a negative impression of the artist's mouth, and her mother's hand holding the spoon.

"The work relates to Antoni's ongoing exploration of personal history, family relationships, and bonding and separation as equally important elements in forming one's identity."


Droning Glow

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Andrew Bird (Four Tet Remix)

I'm usually not a fan of remixes. I don't really like the idea of them. Andrew Bird has his own awesome thing going on, but I think this remix of his song "Imitosis" is great.


Alison Scarpulla

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Sterling Hundley

Sterling Hundley is a talented illustrator currently living in Richmond, Virginia. He's won various awards for his work, including three gold and two silver medals from the Society of Illustrators based in New York. I love his style!

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Chen Chun-Hao

Chen Chun-Hao creates these incredible pieces of art...and they're made out of nails!

Saturday, July 28

Life Like Weeds

Modest Mouse

And we know that our hearts are just made out of strings to be pulled
Strings to be pulled
So you think you've figured out everything
But we know that our minds are just made out of strings to be pulled
Strings to be pulled


Lucia O'Connor-McCarthy

Thursday, July 26


1996 Modest Mouse, filled with angst and greatness.

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Antonio Santin

Der Damm Des Riesen, 2012

Sch├Ânleinstrasse, 2010

Fall, 2010

Antonio Santin is an artist based in Berlin. In many of his paintings he portrays females sprawled out in shadowed rooms, showing their vulnerability, or even despair. It is an interesting subject matter and point of view. Not to mention, he is great with pattern and detail.

Saturday, July 14

Parking Lot

Galaxie 500

Christine Spengler

Funeral in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1987

Northern Ireland, 1972

Cambodia, Bombardment of Phnom-Penh, 1975

Nicaragua, Managua, 1981

Spengler is well known for her photographs of war. She has traveled the world to document the effects of war on primarily women and children.

Thursday, July 12

No Love Lost

From Joy Division's 1978 EP, An Ideal For Living.

Les Honeybees

Holly Lynton

I love this photograph. It is from her series "Bare Handed". This is how she describes the series:

"To create these images, I sought out individuals who make themselves vulnerable in the face of nature and attempted to capture the meditative, transformative state they achieved while working with a potentially dangerous animal or in an uncomfortable environment."

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Herakut (hair-a-koot) is a collaborative street artist duo from Germany. I was recently introduced to their work, and I found it to be very inspiring. I love their dark, edgy style, as well as the scale of the art. It has such a presence.