Friday, February 27


Shelby DiMarco

Thursday, February 26

Mary Cassatt

After the Bullfight, 1873

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878

Mary Cassat was an American impressionist painter born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania in 1844, and later moved to France. She is known for her many portraits of women and children.

Blue Hippo

This hippo sculpture is from the 12th Dynasty of ancient Egypt. It relates to the goddess Taweret, protector of fertility, if found in a woman's tomb. However, if it is found in a man's it could be a symbol of evil. I thought that was interesting.

Tuesday, February 24

Friar Park

Curt Gunther

I've been reading this book, Wonderful Tonight. It was written by Pattie Boyd, former model, and George Harrison's/Eric Clapton's ex-wife. I have gotten to the part in the book where she describes Friar Park, George Harrison's estate near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. It sounds so wonderful. Ten to twelve acres of gardens! I want to see it for myself someday if possible.

Sunday, February 22


Bob Renno


W magazine's March 2009 issue features photographs by Juergen Teller, one of my favorites.


Hugh O'Conor

Saturday, February 21

Odilon Redon

Ophelia 1900-1905

Odilon Redon was a symbolist painter from France. Many of his paintings are of flowers as well as religious figures and mythical creatures.

Thursday, February 19

Sunday, February 15

Thursday, February 12

Ceramic Octopus

Jared Zimmerman

I was learning about all of the ancient Greek cultures the other day in my Art History class. These octopus vases fascinated me. I can't wait to travel to Greece and all of the islands surrounding.

It Ain't Me, Babe

Barry Feinstein — Bob Dylan, 1966

Friday, February 6