Sunday, April 29

How to Be Alone

This is a truly amazing and inspiring short film that I watched at a film festival a couple months ago. It was filmed and directed by Andrea Dorfman, and the star of the film is Tanya Davis, a poet and songwriter, who is responsible for these eloquent words.

Friday, April 27

Lucinda Rogers

Houston Street from Lafayette Street

Ben Freedman, Orchard Street

Eugene at North Eastern Motors

View Over Spitalfields Looking West

Unbuilt bridge at Blackfriars

Lucinda Rogers has these awesome sketchy drawings of New York City and London. It is interesting to see what she chooses to highlight in each drawing.

Sunday, April 22



Through the Mountains

Léa creates lots of little handmade notebooks as well as fine art pieces.

Friday, April 20

My Door Is Always Open

Noah And The Whale

This song is incredibly sad to me, and the video makes it worse, but I think they both are great nonetheless.

Sunday, April 15

House on the Hill

Beach House

Eduardo Recife

All My Love

You're Not Alone, 2009

The Map of the Interior World, 2008

E o Amore?, 2004

Recife is an artist from Brazil who creates these great mixed media pieces. He is also talented at drawing and hand-lettering.