Sunday, February 27

Monday, February 21


Parker Fitzgerald


Teen Daze

Gustav Klimt

Water in Motion, 1898

Beethoven Frieze, 1902

Water Snakes II, 1907

Death and Life, 1916

I have been meaning to post Klimt's work for awhile. I love the way he pieces together all the different elements in his paintings. His ethereal figures intertwine with bold colors and shapes. Truly unique and beautiful.

Friday, February 18

Chris Silas Neal

C. S. Neal is an illustrator and designer who is part of The Pencil Factory, an organization of professional artists in Brooklyn, NY. Most of the images shown above are book cover designs he did. I really like his minimalist print style and the colors he uses.

Monday, February 14

Saturday, February 12

Tuesday, February 8

Emmet Gowin

Nancy, 1965

Ruth, 1968

Barry & Dwayne, 1970

Edith and Berry Necklace, 1971

I found Emmet Gowin's photograph Edith and Berry Necklace in this book I picked up at the Met while I was in New York a few weeks ago for my birthday. I like his style. It reminds me slightly of Diane Arbus's work. Some of his photos are somewhat staged, but I admire the way he compiles figures, objects, and nature to make an interesting composition.

Wednesday, February 2