Saturday, June 30


Herakut (hair-a-koot) is a collaborative street artist duo from Germany. I was recently introduced to their work, and I found it to be very inspiring. I love their dark, edgy style, as well as the scale of the art. It has such a presence.

Friday, June 22

Wednesday, June 20

Sunday, June 10

Thursday, June 7

Undergrowth With Two Figures

Vincent Van Gogh, 1890

A month or so ago I visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art and saw their Van Gogh exhibit. This painting was part of the collection, and I had never seen it before. It's so awesome!

Sunday, June 3

Thelma Grobes


Last month I went to first friday in Philadelphia and discovered Thelma Grobes's work at a gallery. She has this delicate, whimsical style to her prints. I thought they were very inspiring.