Monday, July 30

Sunday, July 29

Chen Chun-Hao

Chen Chun-Hao creates these incredible pieces of art...and they're made out of nails!

Saturday, July 28

Life Like Weeds

Modest Mouse

And we know that our hearts are just made out of strings to be pulled
Strings to be pulled
So you think you've figured out everything
But we know that our minds are just made out of strings to be pulled
Strings to be pulled


Lucia O'Connor-McCarthy

Thursday, July 26


1996 Modest Mouse, filled with angst and greatness.

Saturday, July 21

Tuesday, July 17

Antonio Santin

Der Damm Des Riesen, 2012

Schönleinstrasse, 2010

Fall, 2010

Antonio Santin is an artist based in Berlin. In many of his paintings he portrays females sprawled out in shadowed rooms, showing their vulnerability, or even despair. It is an interesting subject matter and point of view. Not to mention, he is great with pattern and detail.

Saturday, July 14

Parking Lot

Galaxie 500

Christine Spengler

Funeral in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1987

Northern Ireland, 1972

Cambodia, Bombardment of Phnom-Penh, 1975

Nicaragua, Managua, 1981

Spengler is well known for her photographs of war. She has traveled the world to document the effects of war on primarily women and children.

Thursday, July 12

No Love Lost

From Joy Division's 1978 EP, An Ideal For Living.

Les Honeybees

Holly Lynton

I love this photograph. It is from her series "Bare Handed". This is how she describes the series:

"To create these images, I sought out individuals who make themselves vulnerable in the face of nature and attempted to capture the meditative, transformative state they achieved while working with a potentially dangerous animal or in an uncomfortable environment."

Sunday, July 8