Thursday, March 31

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Thursday, March 24

Warwick Goble

Jewel in Hand

Meeting the Jellyfish

The Mermaid and the Dragon

Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra

Six Swans

The Iron Stove

Warwick Goble was a Victorian illustrator who created illustrations for children's books. I like his work a lot. It is very inspiring to my illustrative style. He really captures the fantasy and enchanting nature of these fairy tale stories.

Thursday, March 17

Don't forget...

This is a quote from "The Art of Looking Sideways" by Alan Fletcher, and the illustration is by Teagan White. I think it is absolutely brilliant.

Tuesday, March 15

Saturday, March 12

Hope Gangloff

Gangloff is an artist living in New York City. She currently is having an exhibition at the Susan Inglett Gallery in Chelsea, and actually today is the last day her work will be up. I really love her illustration style, and her use of multiple mediums, as well as her selective color palette. Her constant use of red, white, and blue seems to be saying that these are illustrations of everyday American life.

Friday, March 11

Mike Brodie

I present to you Mike Brodie and his epic portraits of some strange characters. He travels across America and photographs the people he meets along the way with his SX-70 (which is my favorite camera and always will be). He says, "Photography has made me what I am. It pulls me in all directions. It gives and takes friends, and pushes me to move miles and miles. My desire to photograph these people in the beginning is what led me to develop such great relationships with them; some being relationships that will last clear on 'til the day I die. I'm really lucky 'cause I never used to be this social."

Tuesday, March 8

Marco Mazzoni





Weaving together nature and humanity. Beautiful.

Saturday, March 5

Aëla Labbé

Aëla Labbé's dream-like photographs are truly inspiring. Her style is somewhat dark and mystical. Check out her Flickr to see more.

Friday, March 4

Tuesday, March 1

Sea Creature

Maggie Lochtenberg

Scornful Woman

Egon Schiele, 1910

I'm doing a replication of this for my intermediate painting class. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. I love painting. It's all I want to do these days.