Thursday, January 28

Matthew Lawrence

We Will Live With The Animals, 2008

We Are All Somebodies Dinner, 2009

Matthew Lawrence is currently showing some of his work in an exhibit on the West Chester University campus at Mitchell Hall. If you're around West Chester, PA, you should come check it out. You have to see his art in real life to get the full's some really interesting art; very bright, loud, and colorful. He uses broken bits of glass, marbles, blocks, beads, glitter, you name it! He grew up in York, England, and is now a local artist living in Lancaster, PA.

"I desire my artwork to be a visual feast, candy coated and sickly sweet. The work is as much about its physical presence as it is about its psychological presence. The work is often based on appropriated images from my childhood in England. These cartoons are redefined and now live in the realm of glamorous, glitter filled pieces. Their content is changed and the images are now filled with opulence and decadence. I don't want people to like them; I want people to love them. I don't want people to like me; I want people to love me."

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